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Course Syllabus

November 2016: Fall - An Exploration in Surrender and Rebirth

This month marks the first month of our new Season 2. It feels right. It makes sense. We are dying off to the old and creating the inner spaces, the intimate chambers for the birthing forth of something new to come in all of us. This month will ask you to go actively witness love as well as invoke your womb power.

December 2016: Light in the Darkness

This month we honor the force of change, INSTABILITY, pain, grief and the capacity we have to hold FIRM amidst change, as well as the capacity to flow with the discomfort. This month is about becoming the LIGHT in the DARK, without shying away from the darkness (the unknown, unconsciousness in our own selves).

January Love Content: Get it On, You Sexy Manifester, YOU!

This month we say goodbye to the wildness that was 2016, and it deeply asks us to ASK. To ask the question - how can I make 2017 truly a year where I can better express the fullness and wholeness of who I am. On that note, I’ve devoted our focus to manifestation.

February Love Content: Your Lover is Calling.

This month we call in Shiva. Shiva is all around you. Inside. Outside. Shiva is Pure Presence. Shiva is consciousness itself. When we connect to it, it has the ability to enable a witnessing consciousness that reveals what is real and true, good and holy, alive and pulsing. And as the outside world comes into more and more chaos and collapse, the Shiva practices of stability and silence become more and more imperative.

March Love Content: Get moving!

Late winter/early spring is here. And it’s all about MOVING! Because the underground goddess is longing to SPRING forth. We need to make her channels as clear as possible. That is why this month, and especially in April, we will be moving a little more.

April Love Content: Body Love Cleanse

Are you feeling the arrival of spring? I sure am. Just a love-note to let you know - In April, as you may know, we will be doing a simple, loving, healing Ayurvedic cleanse. I even hesitate to use that word because all of the negative connotations. Think of this more as a re-set for your digestive system. The part of you that can digest food, and life, and the past.

May Love Content: A Strong and Sexy Celebration

A person with good ojas is calm and content, and has both strong immunity and endurance. This is the most important element for most of us to cultivate. After we cleanse, WE REBUILD. And what are we re-building - the Ojas!

June Love Content: What’s Blocking the Light?

This month will be all about your Psycho-Emotional Coverings, or Gunas. Think about them as veils - neither necessarily good nor bad - that cloak the INNATE LUMINOSITY that is our mind.

July Love Content: Entering the Energetic Reality

This month we will begin a two-part adventure into our deep energetic reality. We will be focusing on the basics on your Esoteric Anatomy - beginning with prana and a basics on something called the koshas (the layers of your being).

August Love Content: The 5 Sheaths of Being

This month we will go deeper into Koshas Part 2. We will be focusing on the basics on your Esoteric Anatomy.

September Love Content: Letting go of fear

In light of the recent events, eclipses, Nazi invasions, floods, politics and general malaise...September includes practices to release fear and connecting with the Divine within.

October Love Content: Falling, Dying, Rebirthing

October and the energies of fall are to be welcomed in their ferocious beautiful skinning. A grace arises out of my mini-deaths.

November Love Content: Divine One. Come into my life.

This month we will go even more subtle as the season turns to its most etheric. The fall has always been the thinning of the veil.

December Love Content: Deep Surrender

The Yogini - Loving her own rejected self, experiencing neither good nor bad, she rests in endless bliss.

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